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The occasions and holidays period are the time when people used to send gifts to each other to relish the events and free days. Kids also love to give toys to their close friends; parents often give them a chance to pick toys of their choice to give to other kids. Your kid decides on toys that seem attractive and friendly to him/her. Then it becomes a bit tough for parents to pack the decided gifts as some people can’t wrap things in a way that looks adorable.

Moreover, the packaging of the gift matters because it compels people to wonder what’s inside the packaging. Design it yourself Gift basket is an online store that saved parents from the worry of gift packing, and they design gift baskets and wrapping according to the demands of people.

Gift Baskets for children

Kids know what their fellow friends like and they can decide what to include in the gift basket in a better way than adults. Brands display already designed gift baskets on their websites so that consumers can easily pick from available options. However, consumers can customize the gift baskets and can add items of their choice. Gift baskets, for children, mainly include teddy bears, dolls, blankets, rattles, favorite food items, games, and fun toys. Moreover, consumers can pick gifts from online stores from their different divisions like boy gifts and girls’ gifts. Such stores also extended their gift categories by offering a gift for new parents and baby shower gifts.

Gifts for little girls

It’s been ages that the little girls like gifts like Barbie dolls, butter cookies, pink socks, and gift items of pick color, gardening set, crayons, and stickers. The thing that is the same after the passing of so many years is the girl’s love for pink color and soft toys. Moreover, hair accessories, kid makeup kits, writing kits, and coloring books are among some favorite stuff that can be sent as a gift to little girls.

Gifts for little boys

Boys like whimsical and practical gifts, boys like Spiderman, superman toys, and kits supplies of art and craft and sports kit. Now, as the new cartoon characters emerge on the screens, the toy manufacturers start manufacturing toys personating those characters. This idea elevates the revenue of the toy industry and enhances the interest of kids in such toys. Doctor kit, army kit, and puzzles are among the favorite toy gifts for small ones.


Parents allow their kids to purchase gifts for their friends by themselves to nurture their thinking and decision-making. Gift packaging enhances the appearance of gifts and it is a difficult task to pack the gift in an alluring manner. To reduce this tension, online gift stores are allowing customers to avail themselves of the packaging facilities along with a selection of ready-made gift baskets and customized baskets. Moreover, a variety of gifts for small boys and girls make it easy for consumers to purchase according to their needs and monetary capacity.