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“We think of the Syte Shirt as a platform for wearable computing. The possibilities of this product are only limited by the imagination of its users,


“This is the iPad’s world and we’re just living in it. And what better way to announce your subservience to your tablet than letting it ride you like a human Segway.


“Apple claims that their iPad is highly portable. That it can be taken anywhere and used anywhere. But it’s not nearly as portable as the iPod touch or iPhone, two devices that easily fit into a pocket. But there’s now a way that your iPad really can be just as portable as the iPod touch


“Once in a while, a product comes along that makes you boggle at the mere sight of it. The Syte Shirt (via Gearlog) is a t-shirt with a plastic-faced sleeve on the front. You just slide your iPad in at chest-level and, boom, personal billboard. On the downside, particularly tight hugs might endanger your tablet.


“Syte Shirt, a recent startup, has just entered the peripheral field with an accessory it feels will finally provide a useful casing for the iPad. By placing the tablet inside a T-shirt, with the screen turned outward, the Pad becomes entertainment for passersby and friends alike.


“Syte Shirt Keeps Your iPad Constantly Front and Center [The Syte Shirt Has A Clear Pouch On The Front To Carry Your iPad


“Want a cool way to show off you brand new iPad wherever you go? An innovative new t-shirt lets you do just that and allows you to literally wear an iPad giving you a walking canvas to show off your ideas and designs. It is called the Syte Shirt.


“For those that really like their iPad, you can now keep it literally close to your heart with the Syte T-Shirt. It’s better than the iTee and iDress. Definitely better than the Reactee.


“The iPad Syte Shirt has a pocket in the front where you can slip in an iPad so you can multitask hands-free, display images and videos or let people interact with the iPad.


“We have featured a few unique designs on Geeky Gadgets to carry iPad’s in clothing but this iPad T-Shirt allows you to use your iPad for advertising as you wear it, just like a billboard.


“The Syte Shirt is a black “heavyweight” cotton shirt that features a transparent pocket up front, sized to fit an iPad.


“The Syte Shirt is a custom designed t-shirt with a pocket on the front to conveniently store your iPad while on the go.


“If you had a dream of being a Teletubbie when you were child, you could make a step forward with this shirt!


“Can’t wait to interact with a strangers iPad! Wait, maybe this is a good idea. Maybe people will start talking again, face to face, rather than through Facebook?


“You may need to do your own customizing for the heart on sleeve bit, but if you’re after a shirt that will let you puff out your chest with an iPad on it, then the Syte Shirt looks like a good bet.


“As you can just place your iPad in the shirt, and show to others any video or photo or wording. Sounds like a very good marketing idea.


“Great for picking up hotties at the local bar- let people play games or check their email right on your chest. Watch out fine ladies, hot stuff coming through.


“Your chest can have several functions, but it is seriously lacking in computing power. That’s where the Syte shirt comes in. You see, it has a special see-through pocket for toting around your iPad. And yes, the pocket is fully interactive.


This pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton tee sports a slit on the inside for sliding your tablet into, and there’s a window on the front that enables the wearer (or anyone else, for that matter) to fully interact with the tablet without you having to disrobe.


“The Syte Shirt allows interactivity with the iPad , with a touch-thru vinyl cover for the screen. There’s a zipper to make sure you can lean over without the iPad tumbling out.


“iPad users of San Diego are going to experience a stylish, convenient and fully functional iPad carrying alternative through Syte Shirt


“Wearable iPad Holders – The iPad Syte Shirt Makes You a Walking TV
iPad Syte Shirt – The iPad Syte Shirt is a hands-free interactive iPad
t-shirt. The pocket is safe, secure and easy for everyone around you to
see. Imagine playing a film and walking.


“Want a cool way to show off you brand new iPad wherever you go? An innovative new t-shirt lets you do just that and allows you to literally wear an iPad giving you a walking canvas to show off your ideas and designs.\


“Do you love your iPad?  Like taking it everywhere you go? Always looking for an easy way to carry it with you?  If this you answered yes to these questions,


“You already have the iPhone and an iMac, so really, you just bought the iPad to show off. Syte understands this, which is why they created a shirt that allows you to wear your latest techcessory on your chest.


“With the iPad selling around the world, varieties of iPad accessories are also springing up around. However, today a clothing brand called Syte Shirt released a T-shirt designed for tablet iPad in San Diego.


“The Syte Shirt holds your iPad just like a kangaroo pouch. People are finding new and intricate ways to display their iPads.


“The iPad-touting t-shirts, without any doubts will be a perfect eye-catchy stuff to walk down with on the streets.


“This dude got on an Ipad Tshirt!


“Wow. That is so COOL!!!


“The advantage of the Syte Shirt seems to be that it has a transparent front on the iPad pocket, enabling people to use it while it is being worn, and even gives access to all the ports.